12 October 2006

What do I do when in Germany:

o Drink beer? sure.

o Watch fusbol (soccer)? why not.

o Support ETSI Dense Reader Synchronization trial? Absolutely

ETSI Tests Show EPC Scaleable in Europe

In a final, large-scale test involving 20 full pallets of tagged cases
moving through portal reading zones, all interrogators tested worked
in sync while still observing ETSI regulations.

An RFID-focused subgroup of the European Telecommunications Standards
Institute (ETSI) conducted tests to determine the effectiveness of RF
signal-synchronization schemes designed to enable large numbers of
interrogators to function simultaneously under current ETSI
regulations. Such rules require devices using the UHF band to listen
before transmitting to ensure that a frequency channel is not already
in use by another interrogator. If a reader can not find a free
channel on which to transmit a signal, it could hamper a company's
business processes, such as moving a pallet of goods through a portal

see entire ETSI Sync article at RFID Journal