28 June 2006

Introduction to RFID, presentation by Damon Corbin

6:00pm - 8:00pm
July 24th meeting - RFID applications, players and security
Presentation by Damon Corbin, Software Engineer, Sirit Inc.
  1. Overview of RFID technology: LF vs HF vs UHF
  2. Applications of RFID - from livestock tracking to supply chain and other novel implementations.
  3. Industry players - readers and tags, who's making them and who's buying them.
  4. Security and Privacy Issues and how the industry is addressing these issues
  5. Demo of UHF tag reading using Sirit IN510.

The Presentation: or

Bio: Damon Corbin has worked in the RFID industry for over 5 years working for SAMSys Technologies and Sirit Inc. He has been involved in engineering of RFID readers including software design, specification of architecture and even customer support. Prior to working in RFID, Damon has worked in the telecom, datacom and machine tool industries.