25 July 2006

Welcome to America's Next Top Male Model Contest...
... otherwise known as my presentation to the Raleigh IEEE Embedded group.

The Presentation: or

Links mentioned in the presentation:
Bruce Sterling, "The Internet of Things" interview.
Metro Group, Store of the Future and Innovation Center.
Over 2000 RFID applications at IDTechEx's Knowledgebase.
Local RFID experts for help with your RFID project: http://www.rfidresolution.com/ , Morrisville, NC.
Tin foil wallet available at DIFRwear.com

RFID Trade Groups, for and against.
EPC Global: RFID industry group.
CASPIAN Consumer Group: anti-RFID group.

Sirit RFID Reader modules for embedding in you application:
Sirit Plug-n-play HF modules.
Sirit UHF Module .

Sirit IN510 Information (coming soon).


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